Monday, July 6, 2015

Adventure is Out There

So, in an effort to get the hell away from Lakeland, I took a fucking road trip.
I had vague plans to drive up to Georgia for Six Flags adventures with a friend, but those unraveled about three weeks ago. When she couldn’t come, and I got my heart smushed (as happens maybe three or four times a year), I just decided to drive until I figured out my life, or until I ran out of week.

This may sound like a strange decision, as I tend to get lost driving to the neighborhood Publix, but I decided to be randomly adventurous. Although I usually live a mundane and timid life, I have random spurts of adventure. These have resulted in skydiving, bungee jumping, and dying my hair purple. Some of these adventures work out better than others…

So, that is how I found myself here. In Georgia. Sitting in Starbucks waiting for the bank to unfreeze my credit card. Apparently, even my bank has trouble conceiving of me being adventurous.


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