Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Poem Prompt

I was looking through old folders, and I found some items from a creative writing class I took a few years ago.  There was an extremely fun prompt we had to follow, where we were each responsible for finding a poem in a foreign language, and then transforming it into similar sounds.  From there, we tinkered until it kinda made sense to us.

Remember the summer days and glasses of lemonade?
Remember what we had, until a spider
walked out on the web.  It bent under  the weight.
I still taste loss and failure in my throat.
Begin to un-seam my life, to break down body parts into elements.
Tease out the knots, until it was just us again.  Not her.
After you lied, I started lying.
Attention shifts towards the temporary, and rings come off.
Your lies were a golden trauma, unexpected and vicious.
Like a spider-bite, they don’t heal untreated.
Remember being rudder-taught? We learned how to guide
the sailboat, trusting it to keep us from the waves.
I’m trusting my heart to airplanes now,

to find some peace in thinner air. 

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  1. Love this idea and I love your images that you found!