Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break!!

I made it to spring break….I can’t believe I made it to spring break.
Last night, I slept over twelve hours.  Or, I guess it would be more accurate to say last night, this morning, and part of this afternoon, I slept over twelve hours.

I love teaching.  I love seeing the spark in someone’s eyes when they understand a new concept.  I love having a student tell me that he built an ion engine, and then hand me a one page poem about his family.

I love when a student who refused to write at the beginning of the year turns in an essay that he’s started and erased so many times that the papers have holes from eraser marks.

I love when a student tells me about what they want to do after high school.  When they are brave enough to say; “Here’s what my mom wants me to do.  But here’s what I want to do.”

I love when my students challenge each other respectfully in the classroom.  When they say; “I understand what you think.  But here is what I think…”

I get so focused on the bad days.  The frustrations, the challenges, and the tears.
I’m happy to have a break to rest and refresh, and I’ll be happy to come back and end the school year strong.


  1. This is beautiful. What a lovely reflection to have so early in your break! I often find that I can't get to that "happy place" until I've had a few days off. I teach very young children; I think if I taught older students, I would love to see papers "erased so many times that the papers have holes from eraser marks." What a pleasure that must be! Enjoy your spring break!!

  2. You are almost done with your first year! Enjoy your spring break.