Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Year Teacher

Last year, I participated in the SOLC as a student and an intern.  I was cozily ensconced in a university, happy with my part-time job and my full-time class-load.  I dreamed of my classroom, and was arrogantly sure I would never go back to my hometown.
            So much changes in a year.  I teach freshmen, sophomore, and junior year language arts to almost 150 students at a high school.  I’m back in the town that I grew up in, with all the expectations and assumptions weighing heavy on my shoulders.  My hair is a little bit longer, and I’m a few pounds thinner.  Teaching has been enormously frustrating, challenging, scary, and rewarding.  I’ve only cried in the middle of the day three times, and two of those have been because of parents.  The third time was from a holiday card that a student wrote me. 
            Everything’s different. And everything’s the same.  You can’t outrun yourself.


  1. Congrats to you on your first year of teaching. Nothing in my life has been harder than my first year teaching! You're on the upswing now, and good on you for doing something to nourish yourself and participating in Slice of Life! Happy March!

  2. Yes, teaching is all that you have shared, and teaching in the town you grew up in must be a whole added challenge. Your slices will give us a glimpse of this life, I am sure - bravo to you for adding to your challenges.

  3. My first year of teaching was by far one of the most difficult years of my life. Keep up the reflecting, the honesty, and the sharing. I have found that these three tools keep me grounded and surrounded by supportive people during the tough times. Sending happy thoughts to you as you finish out your year and continue to slice!

  4. Wow! So proud to see you slicing! Am excited to learn more Hannah! This school year has been hard for me. I cried every single day of August, September, and October from school! Glad you are hanging in there!