Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Stereotypical Morning

In a Florida high school, first period bell rings at 7:11 am.  Anyone familiar with the circadian rhythm of a high school student knows that given the choice, they wake up right around noon.  Anyone familiar with my sleep schedule knows that I wake up naturally around 9am.  My solution- coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee, at regular intervals throughout the day.

On a typical morning, I wake up at 5 am (or 5:15, depending on if I succumb to the beautiful siren song of the snooze button), and stumble towards coffee.  Leave the house at 5:45, and arrive at school at 6:20, provided I don’t get stuck behind a school bus.  Most of my drive takes place on a one-lane road, surrounded by fields of cattle.  The school itself is neighbored by a local airport.  I stopped jumping at low-flying airplanes in month 3.  So because of the remote-ness, my morning is incomplete without a great deal of prayer that my car doesn’t become cranky.  Let’s just say, if my car broke down it would be a stereotypical start to a horror movie…

Once I arrive at school, I feel like the day begins the blur.  Late morning planning period provides another cup of coffee to push me through the rest of the day.  By the time the clock hits noon, we are done with 6 of 7 class periods.  I’m through with my most challenging class of the day, and I know the rest of the day is manageable. 

I honestly don’t understand how some teachers manage without coffee.  I feel like they must be significantly more zen than me.  But I need something to help me get through the long hours, endless grading, jokes about being short, and lack of sleep….


  1. I can't even imagine starting that early! I am usually at school by 7:00 but I don't get students until 8:00. I love the smell of coffee but do not like the taste. I am a Diet Coke person myself!

  2. That is an early start to the teaching day - no matter the quantity or quality of coffee consumed.

  3. I napped every day the first year of teaching. For a couple of the early years, we had a phone tree of the younger teachers and called each wake up naturally after twenty years...and call 7:30 sleeping gets easier...or you figure out you need to teach at a middle school for the hours...

  4. Oh, coffee. Even when I replaced my morning coffee with a very short exercise routine & found that I didn't need caffeine to start my day, I still enjoyed my afternoon & post-work cups. Coffee=essential.