Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writing with Voice

When I get home, all I want to do is throw on my PJs and crawl into bed.  The day feels impossibly long- and the weight of other people's problems rests heavy on my shoulders.  Sometimes it's impossible to take a deep breath.  When I'm sleeping, time seems to trip over itself.  Sleeping is like falling, except there's no floor-- no sudden, jolting impact.  Sometimes, I drink tea before falling into bed.  The warm mug is an anchor for the day.  The stars slowly appear, and the world gets quiet.

One of my peers handed out this awesome worksheet that had a list of emotions.  The assignment was to choose an emotion.  Obviously, I chose exhaustion. Haha, it's a long week.


  1. I love these words in your post - "The warm mug is an anchor for the day. The stars slowly appear, and the world gets quiet." What a wonderful description of a day winding down!

  2. This year, is the first in many that I feel I have done the trait of voice justice. My kids get it. They understand, they are epitomizing the idea of writing with emotion, from the heart. As I read your first paragraph, it is clear that you are showing us through your description the feeling of exhaustion - how powerful to share with the students. I not only get what you're feeling, but I can connect and understand too!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hang in there! I'm glad you found inspiration in your peers work!