Saturday, March 9, 2013

What If?

I was the spindle in our
twisted fairy tale.  There
will be no Happily Ever

After today, I will not be
checking his face for
regret.  I’ve locked my

heart too far for that;
promised the sky that
all regrets will be etched

into my skin.  I am a map
of everywhere I’ve been-
a human Post-It note.

Don’t answer your phone-
soon they’ll stop calling,
because it’s all a game.

I was the rubberband
snapping him back
to reality.  There are

no sunsets in my future.
What if, every day, the
light grew back? The

definition of promise….
The hope that one day
the horses will return.


  1. Love the images that you have embedded in here.Love the line...spindle in the twisted fairy tale.

  2. I was the rubberband
    snapping him back
    to reality.
    Strong images.
    The line breaks are powerful. They slow down the reader and connect the thoughts. Interesting form.
    Your poems are full of deep feelings. Thank you for sharing.