Friday, March 22, 2013

Unattended Weddings

My best friend in high school
had the most amazing hair.
A thick and untamable mane
that resisted brushes and pins.

That was before she left for
the other side of the continent.
Before I learned that promises
can be empty words and people

can hurt you.  That’s why we
lock our doors, darling.
Before I cut my hair and
bleached the color out.

I wanted nothing left that
reminded me of her.
I am constantly the wrong
age for my body.  Awkward

didn’t used to be a middle
school insult.  It wasn’t a
single word offense hurled
by bystanders and pre-teens.

It meant rough, lacking polish,
even graceless.  The irony
doesn’t escape me.  Hannah-
graceful one, favored one

My father told me once that
grace is about more than
coordination.  It’s about
making others feel safe.

I still look for life jackets
from others.  Maybe safety
comes in another format.
Maybe the disconnected

phone can be a shelter.
We’ve grown up now, and
I wonder if you’d even
know the girl I am.


  1. Interesting the lens that we see ourselves through. You have a graceful presence as a teacher.

  2. I would like to be your friend. I get no respect as a cat. My typist writes for me when I dictate.
    Pamela Hodges, told me to read your poetry. She was right, you use deeply crafted powerful images.
    I am sorry people were mean to you.
    I won't be. I like your hair.

  3. I wonder if she would recognize the woman you have become too. You are a beautiful writer.

  4. I like what your father said about grace. He sent an important message in those words. Jackie