Monday, March 4, 2013

That Kind of Day

When Godzilla flattens your car
on Monday morning,
you know you’re in for a tough day.
Better get more coffee.

Still, you’re a survivor.
Nothing can match this…
and imagine the stories
you’ll have for the weekend.

The fickle printer is no match for
your crisis response skills.
You’ve dealt with Godzilla-
double sided printing be damned…

Did you know there are 24 hours
in a day? A handful of chances
to encounter the Monster of the
Week.  Just hold your breath.

Don’t take your eyes off of the snake
and shuffle your feet at the beach.
Beware of corners in the garage;
venomous spiders hide in the dark.

I survived Godzilla, so I’m not
afraid of running into you.
Sometime I hold my breath until
I don’t remember what we had.

My heart is a muscle, like any other.
The world is full of monsters.
I think when we were younger,
we could see them clearly.


  1. I feel more ready to face Monday after reading this! Thank you :)

  2. Oh my stars!
    What is your day job?
    Where have you been hiding?
    Your words and images are dramatic, and powerful.
    I don't know what pencils you push during the day, but keep writing.
    I will be thinking about this all day.

  3. Love the images. Faced my own Godzilla today. Good thing that we don't have to slay monsters alone.