Monday, March 11, 2013

Summer Memories

I wonder what I’ll be in twenty years.
Face stretching towards forty- towards
a snug suburban family with an
SUV.  I used to shudder, but I feel

my heart leaning towards the ordinary.
The realization that meatloaf for dinner
is comforting.  That cul-de-sacs are where
memories are made.  And I remember

my own summer nights playing flashlight
tag until we panted for breath, gulping
water greedily from the outside hose.
Warning each other to watch for snakes

in the bushes.  Summer tasted like pool
chlorine.  The burn in the eyes, shoulders
peeling from the sun.  There was no
fretting about tomorrow- only about who

would pick me for their kickball team.
Sometimes, I see myself in the stars. 
Or maybe it’s the people around me.
Listen and you can hear the children play.  


  1. Wow, I love the honesty and nostalgia in your poem! The beginning is so powerful and had me thinking of my own possible future, and then I love how you drifted back to your own childhood memories, as you hope to create a future that is just as happy. The images you chose run through the poem like snapshots from an old home movie... just wonderful!

  2. Even the ordinary is really extraordinary once you strip everything away! Love your images!

  3. Oh, there is nothing ordinary in the ordinary! Everything is what YOU make it! But I sense you know that! Loved your piece!

  4. Strong, bold clear images. Water from a hose always tastes better. Looking forward to the ordinary and realizing it is special. Great.