Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow White

The red apple looked so tempting. 
Not a bruise, or any discoloration.
She looked harmless- just an old
woman lost in the woods.

My former life seemed worlds away,
As if lived by someone else.
Dark rooms had been replaced with sunshine,
and silence with laughter.

The gentle animals had begun to heal my
heart.  The world is not out to
hurt me.  We are all connected
in our web of a world.

So many of my sisters had been
killed- one by a spindle, another by a wolf.
Magical slippers turned to glass can
only stem so much grief.

The world is full of cobwebs and evil.
So much is not what it seems.
True love cannot bring back my sisters,
Or erase my tears.

Prince, pass me by.
Save your courage for an unbroken heart.
Do not wake me from my dream.


  1. Wow! Your poem is so different than what I expected when I started reading. Such a fresh look on things is refreshing, even if it was absolutely heartbreaking. Those last three lines are going to be tough to get out of my head. Wonderful :)

  2. Hannah- glad to see you made it slicing! Welcome!

  3. I think you need to change your title to Poet in Progress, you have quite the talent for creating poems. Wonderful perspective!

  4. Elsie is right. This is awesome. I coach speech kids and I can think of several girls who would have loved this type of poem for contest this year. Great job.

  5. I like your riff on the fairy tale motif, especially that twist at that end of the poem.

  6. Welcome to the March slice. I wanted to wake up Snow White, and give her a Gala apple with no bruises. Interesting.