Friday, March 15, 2013

Eight Stanzas

I am not cool.  Most people get
that when they meet me.  I’m a
mix of purple hair and perpetual
cardigans.  I’m not that complicated.

A few years ago, I noticed the
sunbeams through the office.
No matter what happened in
the day, I could stand in the light.

Last year, I could feel the world
collapsing.  I felt everyone I know
begin the slow process of moving
away.  Like tectonic plates on the surface.

I’m not afraid to stand in the sunlight.
It forms a spotlight, you know.
Life’s better when you’re seen,
and people know your names.

The day my brother left for college,
I couldn’t stop squinting in the photos.
I just wanted to go inside and get
away from the goodbyes and UV rays.

One summer, I went to the mountains.
All art, all freedom.  Sure, there
were bears, but I learned about
rhythm, and loneliness, and tears.

I lied about the sunlight-I live
 in a shadow-world, caught
between the everyday and the
infinite.  I disappear in sunlight.

When I was a child, I believed
I was a tree.  Roots towards
my family and the earth. 
Branches aching towards the sky. 

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  1. I lied about the sunlight-I live
    in a shadow-world, caught
    between the everyday and the
    infinite. I disappear in sunlight.

    Your writing is so honest.
    Have you ever considering sending it to a magazine? Have you ever written fiction? You show and don't tell. Do you have a subscribe button on your blog?