Thursday, March 28, 2013

Connect the Dots

When I was seven, I grabbed a
marker and connected the
freckles on my face.  I’m not
sure what I was looking for,

but I know I didn’t find it.
I’ve learned this year that
I can wear different clothes,
talk a little louder, and

dye my hair purple.  But
I can’t stop being myself.
It doesn’t matter how much
weight I lose, or miles I

run.  But maybe this too
is a blessing- one I can only
see with my eyes closed to
the mirror.  Sometimes I

can’t start listening until
my cellphone is turned
off.  We’re so distracted
and the sun blinds our eyes

Give me the strength to
stop.  Please tell me that
I’m not missing out on
this life.  That there’s a

melody in the quiet,
and life without frenzy.

1 comment:

  1. I love the rhythm of your poem, and the questioning. It does take strength to stop when popular culture tells you to go, go, go. May you find some quiet moments this weekend to reflect on the real you.