Sunday, March 31, 2013

Closing Thoughts

It’s the last day of the month- and I’m looking forward to April.  I want to keep this blog.  The slice of life challenge was so much more than I anticipated.  Sure, I didn’t write every single day, but each blog post I posted was one more than I ordinarily would have.

And I’ve never shared my poetry with anyone before.  The kind comments were very reassuring, and made me want to keep writing.  I’ve learned about so many great projects- like my one word, National Poetry Writing Month, and National Novel Writing Month.  And ultimately, it’s about being good models for students.  If we ask students to write and read, they need role models who write and read as well.

Some blog posts this month were submitted at 11:30 pm.  Some I can’t look at without wincing, because they could use a few (hundred) more edits.  But I am proud of what I’ve accomplished, and what I’ve seen an amazing community of people accomplish.

Thank you to everyone who commented.  And to everyone who dared to share part of their lives through blogging. 

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  1. Hannah- you have shared powerful words this month. Good work"