Wednesday, March 6, 2013

About Me

When people asked me what I wanted
to be- I told them “alive.”
I thought “together” was a curse
and alone would bring adventure.

I used to swear, “that will never
be me.” No mushy exchanges,
clichéd date nights, or cloying statuses.
And then I met her…

I fell in love with her hands.
Delicate long fingers, perfect nails.
We faced world together, and
everything was new.

The second time I fell in love,
he was completely unknowable.
He spoke in riddles and so I
stomped through snapdragons.

The third time I fell in love
he wanted to know me, and solve
my life like a puzzle missing three pieces
and an incomplete picture

Do you remember the game we
played with paper fortune tellers?
Break me into pieces and tell
me my future.  What’s in the cards?

No matter the scenario, the
heart is a casualty. If anyone
knew what the bruises know,
the knowing would be uncarryable.

So I lean to the unrequited.
Unreturned feelings are armor
for a too-earnest heart.
Don’t ask about my lungs.


  1. Even with the unrequited, you have the joy of that deep feeling which is so powerful.

  2. Now, I want to ask you about your lungs. Please remember to breathe. Your words have to power to heal. Me as well as you.

  3. I quite like the ending of the poem. It really takes that energy and takes it deeper.