Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Zombie Poem

When we drove into Atlanta, I kept
checking for zombies.  Around the
park, in aquarium exhibits.  I thought
they’d be drinking soda downtown.

No such luck.  I even looked in the
windows, waiting for a zombie
self-portrait.  You know it’s a
metaphor.  Everything is, from

the stupid Vampire books, to
what they include in previews.
See, sometimes I shy from the
morning sun.  Too much happens

in darkness.  I used to be afraid
of Alaska- living, as they do, months
without seeing the sun.  And fish…
they eat a lot of fish, I’m told.

I used to think I was too simple.
There were no great tragedies, and
nothing to make me complex and
compelling as a leading actress.

I wish I could be a little more boring.
I’ve become a modern-day zombie…
my shot heart, stumbling, a walking art.
Covering the mess with sticky lipgloss.

Tomorrow I will say to myself
“So this is survival.”  Walking
through downtown Atlanta,
seeing car after car in traffic.  


  1. Some days are indeed survival.

  2. Covering the mess with sticky lipgloss.

    One day at a time. Did you see any zombies in the cars?