Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7 Kinds of Hope

Because there are seven kinds of hope
I hold my breath underwater.
Blue ocean reach the sand,
and broken shells mar the shoreline.

Each alarm clock ends a dream
of place and belonging, or more
accurately, of nothingness.
Take down the houses, we’ve already left.

I still see your face.
Every blue car is a missed
heartbeat.  A caught breath.
between casual and unintended.

When I close my eyes, I can
see where to aim the knives.
Hidden between breaths is a
ladder to the sky.  Don’t let me fall…

I was never meant for this.
My too-earnest heart beats like
a beacon through my chest.
And I see ghosts on the pavement.

Was I ever a woman who could
stare in the mirror without crying?
Tomorrow is a sunrise and a hope
and solid people with shadows.

Hand me the keys, and
Unlock the doors.  Talk without
sighing. Do not turn away
and let the alarms ring.

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